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The State of Nevada requires everyone who serves or sells alcohol, and everyohne who works as a security officer, complete an alcohol training course.

Alcohol Awareness Training has been conducting the alcohol certification classes in Nevada for over ten years. The alcohol certification courses offered by Alcohol Awareness Training have been approved by the State of Nevada. At the conclusion of the alcohol training course, each student will receive an alcohol awareness card that is valid anywhere in the State of Nevada. Alcohol awareness cards are valid for four years.

Many people incorrectly call the alcohol certification card a TAM card. TAM (Techniques of Alcohol Management) was one of the first private companies approved to conduct the alcohol certification classes in Clark County and therefore TAM has benefited from the name recognition. There is no difference between the TAM card and the Alcohol Awareness Training card. Businesses throughout the State of Nevada are required to accept the TAM card or the Alcohol Awareness Training card as proof that the person successfully completed alcohol certification courses.

Alcohol Awareness Training is aware that people entering the work force in Nevada are often required to obtain several Nevada work cards. Because of this expense, Alcohol Awareness Training is committed to offering the alcohol training class at the lowest cost. The price of the class is $20 for the classroom alcohol certification class or $15 for the online alcohol certification class. If you received your alcohol training card through Alcohol Awareness Training, there is no charge to replace lost alcohol awareness cards.

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